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Charts for the Rolex Fastnet Race

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The following list of charts is only a selection of charts covering the course area and is designed as a guide for competitors. The responsibility for the choice of charts and other publications carried is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the person in charge. Persons in charge should consider which detailed charts might be required for ports of refuge.

Chart Area Scale
2675 English Channel 1:500,000 overall view of English Channel
2045 Outer approaches to the Solent 1:75,000 Solent overview
2036 Central Solent 1:25,000 Solent greater detail
2035 Western Solent and approaches 1:25,000 Solent greater detail
2454 Needles – Start Point 1:150,000 passage chart
2615 Needles – Portland Bill 1:75,000 greater detail
2255 Portland Bill detail 1:20,000 for inshore passage at Portland Bill
442 Lyme Bay – Lizard Point 1:150,000 passage chart – continuation from 2454
1613 Start Point – Eddystone Light various greater detail
2565 Dodman Point – Scilly Isles 1:150,000 passage chart – continuation from 442
1123 Lizard Point - Ireland 1:500,000 Celtic Sea passage chart
2424 Approach to SW Ireland 1:150,000 greater detail
2184 Fastnet Rock and approaches 1:30,000 detail around the rock
34 Scilly Isles 1:25,000 detail
883 Scilly Isles 1:12,500 greater detail
2345 Lizard point detail various for inshore passage around Lizard Point
1267 Coast of Cornwall 1:75,000 passage chart
30 Plymouth Sound and approaches 1:12,500 finish line
1901 Plymouth Harbour 1:5000 QAB marina and approaches